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Williston’s tuition and fees includes room and board for boarding students and lunches for day students, and covers most curricular and extracurricular activities.





登机 $71,500 $735 $560
一天 $49,100 $735 $385
中学 $39,400 $735 $385


  • 健康服务费用

    The school provides around-the-clock nursing care in a professionally staffed medical service facility that is available to all students (overnight services are limited to boarding students). The 健康 Service fee helps to defray the costs of providing these services, the services of the school’s physician, and a consulting psychologist. All students must carry appropriate medical insurance from a company with a servicing address in the United States.

  • 技术费

    This fee covers access to a personal device for use in the classroom and in the dorms or home, the academic software necessary, 支持, and ongoing infrastructure improvements.

  • 国际地址费

    For students with a primary address outside the United States, a fee of $285 is charged to defray the costs of international fax communications, 更高的邮寄费用, and a range of other 支持 services.

  • I-20申请费

    For students who require annual immigration registration, a fee of $335 is charged to absorb the costs associated with processing information through SEVIS (Student and Exchange 访问or Information System).

  • 房间钥匙及押金

    The school bills all boarding students a $150 deposit at the beginning of the year and holds the deposit until after check out in the spring. At the end of the school year, if the student’s dorm room is left completely clean, in the school’s sole discretion, the $150 deposit will be credited back to the Student Account. If this requirement is not met, the deposit will be kept.

  • 学费退款保险

    学费 refund insurance is billed at 1.净学费的35%. This program is mandatory unless the full year’s tuition and fees are paid by July 15, 2022.


Williston’s financial aid grants help make opportunity accessible to hundreds of exceptional students from all income levels. Each year, the school provides $6.200万的经济援助, ranging from significant grants to modest awards, to help qualified applicants bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and family resources. Our goal is to open the door of opportunity, and to create a vibrant and diverse student body.


If you have 金融援助 or 学费 questions, please contact the 金融援助 Office at (413) 529-3075 or by 电子邮件.


  • How is financial aid awarded?

    Grants are awarded on a year-by-year basis at the discretion of the 金融援助 Committee. These grants are based on family need, strength of a student’s application, and financial aid resources. While we are fortunate to be able to offer $6.200万的经济援助 to our student body, we are unable to accept all capable students who qualify for financial aid, and candidates may be placed on the school’s waiting list.

  • How do I apply for financial aid?

    Williston partners with School and Student Services (SSS) to process financial aid applications. Please visit the parent portal of SSS to begin your Parent’s Financial Statement (PFS) and upload your 支持ing tax documents. Your financial aid application is complete after you have filled out the PFS and uploaded your 支持ing documents. Please note that all documents must be uploaded directly to your PFS online. Williston’s school code for SSS is 8230.

    You may also find these two documents helpful in applying for financial aid.

    How to 申请经济资助

    Family Guide to 金融援助

  • What information and documents do I need to submit with my financial aid application?

    Everything you need to know about submission information and appropriate tax documentation can be found in the 金融援助 Application Guidelines.

    金融援助 Application Guidelines

  • 截止日期是什么时候?

    For new families, financial aid applications should be completed by February 1, 2022. For returning families, financial aid applications should be completed by December 15, 2021. More specific deadline information can be found in our 经济援助时间表.


  • I didn't receive financial aid my first year; can I in years following?

    在一般情况下, returning students who do not apply for or receive financial aid their first year are unlikely to receive aid in the following years.


Meet Our Director of 金融援助

Our goal with financial aid is to make a Williston education accessible to a wide variety of students. —李更环保 ’06, Director of 金融援助

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